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This website is dedicated to the short-lived series, Chase. I enjoyed this show and the relationship between US Marshals Annie Frost and Jimmy Godfrey (played by Kelli Giddish and Cole Hauser). I appreciated that the fugitives they chased were not one-dimensional caricatures. I liked the friendship between the two main characters, and was not a fan of the idea of them having a romantic relationship when the show first started. Jimmy was with Natalie Ellis in an on-again/off-again relationship which was talked about but not seen in the first half of the series, often for comedic effect. The third episode, The Comeback Kid, gave us the first real glimpse that Annie and Jimmy may have romantic feelings for one another. I liked the actress (Sienna Goines) who played Natalie when she finally made her first on-screen appearance in episode 11, Betrayed. But unfortunately she and Cole Hauser had little on-screen chemistry. So by the time the two-part episode Narco aired, I was a rooting for Annie and Jimmy to get together. While I am sad the show was canceled after only one season, I was very happy with the way it ended: Annie and Jimmy walking together, first hand-in-hand, then arm-in-arm.

Annie & Jimmy:

Annie outside grasping Jimmy’s jacket with his gloved hand on the side of her neck
Why they are the best: They have an undeniable chemistry which grew out of the solid base of their long friendship. They understand and accept one another’s flaws while bringing out the best in each other. And neither wants to change the other.

Favorite Moment: There were so many great scenes between these two characters running the gamut between humorous and dramatic. But since I need to choose just one, my favorite moment was in the final episode when Jimmy confronts Annie about her father. At the end of their conversation he tells her she can talk to him about anything, good or bad, and she promises no more secrets between them.

And they lived happily ever after… in Houston, Texas. Jimmy transfers to the Office of Protective Operations unit and Annie continues to head up her unit at the Houston Enforcement & Apprehension Task Force.

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